Typical Tuesday With Teens and Tots


Sitting in the nail salon, trying to convince the stylist for the umpteenth time that I did not want gel on my nails, I heard two young moms discussing their tots. It was homecoming weekend and they were not looking forward to when their toddlers entered high school.

“Heroin is so popular in high school now. Drugs are everywhere. When I was in high school, I didn’t even know what Heroin was. It is going to be so hard to raise our kids when they get to be that age!”

I totally get it. I worked with those teens that were in the webs of drug addictions and drug sales and drug productions. That was in the 90’s. Today, it is a tricky deal too. Now drug dealers are handing out addictions in the form of  “candy”. The drugs look like pop rocks and suckers. I was personally drugged with the “date rape” drug. My boyfriend put it in my Gatorade. I never knew what hit me until I woke up with bruises, a lack of clothing, and a bad headache. I slept for days on end, missing my classes that week at college.


So, the typical Tuesday in my house, looks like a lazy Saturday.

My 90’s teen is in his room unschooling. He researches topics on his computer, reads encyclopedia-type books for fun, or watches a documentary on his Blueray. My other Millennial offspring sits on the couch, plugging through Algebra. He sits thigh to thigh with me, stretching out every last bit of childhood and mom-son time. Meanwhile, he works on the math that I so struggled with years ago. He is three years ahead of where I was at that age, in math and science.

My tots are growing up. They are now 6 & 4. We don’t categorize them into grades, but if we did, they would be in 1st. and 4K (a Wisconsin term I find ludicrous). The girls don’t realize that we “do school”. They just love to learn. It happens on a Saturday, as well as on a Tuesday. It happens during the public school holidays, as well as during the summer. They work in workbooks for fun. They read. They watch documentaries. They play on their learning websites, such as Starfall, Jumpstart, ABCMouse, DiscoveryKids and PBSKids. In-between facilitating learning with my boys, I play board games, gears, science kits, and crafts with them.

Who am I kidding? This rarely happens. They are very headstrong and self-sufficient. They kick me out of their play and out of their science “experiences”.

More about home-based learning in the following articles. It is 7 o’clock in the morning and I hear the footsteps coming down the stairs.  Time to start our home-based day!

What do your Tuesdays look like?  Please throw me a comment, and a cup of coffee….