Organizing for a New School Year


Organizing the school year has been quite fun! This year we haveĀ four students, grades K thru 12! It is a BIG year for us, so I wanted to be more than ready.

Hunter is completing his last year, so we are tying loose ends and filling in the holes.

Parker is officially a freshman and could not be more eager to start! He sees college in his future and wants to be extremely prepared.

Natalie is starting 2nd grade (though in elementary, we do not focus on what “grades” they are in). She is most interested in gymnastics at this stage.

Lila is super excited to continue to learn how to read and write. She has officially joined the homeschool ranks with her siblings and couldn’t be more proud!


I have assigned each of the kids a binder (from Dollar Tree). In each binder, there is a monthly calendar. On each calendar, I label each school day & hours, as well as insert in any extracurricular activity, such as gymnastics, homeschool gym, art, music, playdates, field trips, volunteer work, etc.

On a magnetic white board (from, I have the family activity calendar, to make sure all of the outside appointments, classes, and field trips are remembered. Everyone’s calendars are married into this main one.

Now, from there we split off.

The boys have weekly class sheets that I print off from an original copy. I hand them one on Monday and they hand it in when all classes have been completed at the end of the week.


I look over their homework and discuss what we need to discuss. They make corrections on the weekends, and the loose sheets and notes get put into a separate binder.


The girls get daily boxes (from Costco). I put the hands-on work/ideas for the day into one of these boxes. Each day they get a new box of things to do.


All of these assignments and classes for the four kids, do not encompass everything they do for “school”. They are also learning outside of the home, as well as with one-on-one projects with us. They are involved in astronomy clubs, library volunteer and planning boards, music lessons, art lessons, gym classes, sports classes, gymnastics, youth groups, multiple field trips, etc. within several communities through the park districts and the YMCA, as well as through churches, museums and community events.

It will be a big year and we couldn’t be more excited!

This has to be a short article, so PLEASE shoot me any questions you may have on detailed planning ideas. What ideas have you put together? Please share!