In-Laws Can Make or Break a Marriage

Today is my Father-In-Law, Gary’s, birthday.


This birthday is extra special.  It is the second year that we have been given a chance to celebrate his birthday as a cancer survivor. Have we had huge, dynamic celebrations each year because of this? No, but this doesn’t mean that we are not sending THANKS to God for another year to enjoy having our perfect Papa around!

Our family, on my husband’s side, is very low-key.  We are a quiet family, not known for big, loud parties. Also, we live states apart. Rarely do the   Annans get to see each other. If it wasn’t for their willingness to drive 10-12 hours one-way, a few times each year, we would never see them. It is hard and expensive to travel with four kids.

I, personally, owe them my whole last 20 years of happiness. No, that is not an exaggeration; and no, I am not working up to an inheritance of some sort. I am just truly intelligent enough to know the importance of having stellar in-laws.

Yes, Chris and I have just celebrated our 18th. wedding anniversary and 20 years of living together in sin before marriage. Watch out! (No, this was not the way he was raised, but that is for another post.)

My in-laws have been supportive of not only our relationship, but of me, personally, every single year that we have been together. Never once, have they taken sides in situations, decisions, or disagreements. Never once, have they given advice not asked for. They have only led by example. These seem like mundane points to list, but these points, gone in another direction, could break up a marriage faster than a pit crew can change a tire and add gas.

Gary Annan is intelligent, supportive, fun, and has a great sense of humor. He, along with Shirley, have raised a stellar son. I have been blessed with the greatest gift a girl could ask for. They have given me their son, whom they have raised to be a perfect husband, father, and friend. I know that they miss him, as much as we miss them.

In two days, we will be having cake with Papa in Disney World. Not because of his birthday, but because they have decided to join us in Florida, to support our family on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Enough said. Wow!

Happy Birthday Dad, and THANK YOU!  We love you so very, very much!